Tips for Winterizing Your Trailer

    Before the temperatures drop any further, take a look at our helpful tips on how to prep your trailer for the upcoming winter season! If you’re still in the market for a new trailer, or you’re looking to trade in your current model, feel free to stop by our location in Sapulpa, Oklahoma anytime.


    The first thing you’ll want to do to prep your trailer for winter is clean it! Accumulated dirt and dust will eventually lead to permanent damage to your trailer’s metal surfaces. If snow and ice are allowed to sit for a long period of time they can even increase the likelihood of rust developing. Take a mild soap and a soft scrub brush and set to work on your equipment. 


    Once your trailer is looking shiny and new, you’ll want to take a few moments to treat the hitch (and any of your trailer’s other moving parts) with lubricant. This is also a great time to remove any rust that’s begun to appear on your trailer with a rust remover. Simply spray on the solution and allow it to sit before wiping it away with a towel. Finally, take some time to check your trailer’s tires. Be sure there are no objects stuck in the rubber, and that there isn’t any leaking air before checking the pressure. If the tire pressure is a little low, we advise topping it off, as wheels tend to deflate in colder temperatures. 


    If you can, we advise storing your trailer in a shed or garage to keep it protected from outside elements. However, trailers are not small pieces of equipment, and we understand that not everyone has the space to place them indoors. Instead, be sure to cover your trailer with a durable waterproof tarp.

    We hope these tips have been helpful in preparing both you and your trailer for the upcoming winter season. If you’re located nearby in Tulsa or Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, we hope you’ll visit us here at Canady Trailers for all of your trailer needs!