The Benefits of Buying a Dump Trailer

    We here at Canady Trailers have some of the highest quality inventory at the best prices around! It can be difficult deciding between similar products, so we wanted to highlight some of the many benefits of owning a dump trailer. We hope that if you’re ever in need of a trailer or looking to speak to a knowledgeable sales representative about dump trailers, you’ll visit our dealership in Sapulpa, Oklahoma! 

    Better Loading Features

    A dump trailer is one of the easiest trailers to load and unload! Dump trailers are much closer to the ground than other models, making it so you don’t have to lift heavy cargo very high. While easy loading is beneficial in and of itself, this also helps reduce the number of accidents, as well as somewhat reduce extraneous physical labor. Dump trailers are even easier to unload! Simply unlatch the door and lift the trailer on its mechanism, and your cargo is effectively unloaded.

    Better Loading Capabilities 

    Dump trailers are not only meant to carry extremely heavy cargo, but large cargo to boot, giving them a pretty impressive weight capacity! A small dump trailer is recorded as carrying anywhere from 6 to 7 tons on average while a large dump trailer can carry up to 14 tons. Due to the heavy-duty nature of a dump trailer’s intended freight, the trailer itself is also extremely durable. It won’t get any cracks or knicks from construction debris or unwieldy furniture.


    Dump trailers come in a wide variety of different sizes, models, and even materials! There are 3 primary models of dump trailers that dump freight in different ways. While these trailers carry similar cargo there can be variations depending on what kind of dump trailer you have.  

    • End Dump Trailer: These trailers are lifted up on a mechanism to have their cargo dumped from the bottom. They largely carry fine materials, such as sand, as well as large cargo. 
    • Bottom/Belly Dump Trailer: These trailers’ primary cargo are large materials, and don’t tend to carry much else. To dump their cargo, these trailers open a bottom hatch and continue to drive forward as their freight spills out
    • Side Dump Trailer: These trailers are built to carry any cargo you’ve got. To unload, these trailers open up at the side to release whatever freight you’re carrying.

    We hope that this information has been helpful to you, whether you’re deciding between different products, interested in a dump trailer, or just curious about some of the benefits of dump trailer ownership. If you’re located in the towns of Broken Arrow or Tulsa, feel free to visit our dealership and see our wide array of inventory in person. Our staff are extremely experienced and can offer personalized recommendations based on your needs!